Too Faced Sweet Peach palette: Review

Today’s post is a little review of the new Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette, which is a limited edition release from their summer 2016 collection. I just so happened to be scrolling through my twitter feed when I saw Really Ree tweet that the palette was live on the Debenhams website and so I managed to pick one up quickly. I believe that it’s now sold out on the website but I’m convinced that it will be restocked, other than that some Debenhams stores that carry Too Faced may still have some in stock so don’t feel disheartened if you didn’t manage to grab one in flukey ninja style like myself.

The packaging is very similar to the other Too Faced eyeshadow palettes in that it has a magnetic closure and tin casing, but this one is covered in little peaches, obviously. The palette contains 18 equally sized eyeshadows and the best part is that the shadows actually smell of peaches. Now, I’m a huge lover of anything peach related and so to have a peach scented eyeshadow palette is just a thing of dreams. However, I must say that I’m not too sure whether anyone would be able to smell the shadows when they’re actually on the eyelids, but then again I don’t think that is what Too Faced intended for – random people smelling your eyelids… However, when you’re applying them you can detect the scent and so this is pleasant if somewhat gimmicky.

The quality of the shadows is amazing and they blend really easily meaning that there is no need to be sat in front of your mirror with a chronic cramp in your arm trying to blend that black shade you thought would look edgy but now look like you’ve been in a punch up. No. There is none of that, they effortlessly blend together which is a plus for lazy gals like myself who sometimes just do not have the patience.

I really love this palette and think Too Faced have hit the nail on the head with this one! I predict that the warm, peachy tones will serve me well throughout summer and I think I’ll also get a lot of use out of the palette when summer ends as there are other various neutral shades which are really versatile.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if i’ve managed to convince you, definitely keep your eyes peeled for it online and in-store!

L x


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