The Skin Detox

I’d put it out there and say that masks are one of my favourite skincare products. I usually pop on a face mask when I’ve not had a particularly great day, and instead of sitting around sulking about life, I run a bath and decide to give myself a little pamper. I have two masks that I use on rotation which are both really amazing at clearing the skin, and making it feel super clean. They’re both different in terms of consistency and ingredients but both do an amazing job and so I’ll talk you through them!


The first one that I absolutely love is Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnaminty.  Firstly, I’ll start off by saying that Lush do the most amazing face masks full stop and there’s such a wide range that will cover any skin concerns that you may have, whether it’s dryness or acne. Most of those masks are fresh and so you have to keep them in the fridge and use them up quite quickly, this one however, has a fresh version and a self-preserving version. It’s vegetarian approved, contains peppermint oil to stimulate, marigold oil to nourish and even has little primrose and aduki beans exfoliate when you wash the mask off. It also contains honey, which is antibacterial meaning that it’s a great for tackling those spots that suddenly appear out of nowhere.

After I’ve used it, my skin always looks brighter and feels refreshed. It also doesn’t make my face dry and the exfoliating seeds don’t irritate my skin due to the marigold oil which protects and soothes. I leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and it doesn’t really ‘dry down’ in the way that some other masks do, which indicate when they’re ready to wash off, but 10-15 mins seems to do the trick. To wash the mask off I find that using a warm flannel is the easiest way to do it. I’ve splashed water on my face to wash it off but then all the water drips down my arms, there’s primrose seeds everywhere and frankly, I’ve ended my pamper session feeling pissed off and so I’d stick with the flannel.

It comes in two sizes, 125g which is £6.25 (This is the size I have and it’s lasted me for ages) and 135g which costs £10.95. It also smells great, minty as the name would suggest.


Then we have the Clear Improvement Origins mask which is an active charcoal mask with a main focus to clear pores. Bamboo charcoal draws out all the impurities which are clogging your pores (clogging is a horrible word) and clay and Lecithin dissolve all of the bad stuff that’s lurking within. The skin can really easily become congested through wearing make-up and even being outside due to environmental pollutants and so by using this mask and having all of that drawn out, it makes the skin appear brighter. This mask is really powerful and I find that it can be quite drying in certain places such as around my nose and above my eyebrows and for that reason, I usually avoid those areas. I do however, love it for targeting any breakouts that I’m having because it seems to tone down redness and reduce the swelling of already existing spots.

I get a warm flannel, ring it out and then place it over my face for 20 or so seconds to open up the pores. Then, I use a flat, pointed foundation brush to evenly cover the areas I want to and allow 15 minutes for it to dry. This one is very different from the Lush one because you can definitely feel it drying and getting tight on your face, it also means that when someone talks to you whilst you have it on, you seem to do an odd robot voice to avoid moving your lips. Maybe that’s just me. To remove, I again use a warm, wet flannel to gently wash it away and then once it’s all off, I’ll splash my face with cold water to close the pores. I’ll also whack some moisturiser on afterwards so that the skin doesn’t feel too tight.

It comes in a 100ml tube which I much prefer to a tub because it’s easier to apply to your fingers or a brush and then apply. You can get it for £24.00 which isn’t the cheapest but it does do a fantastic job. I have however, seen that Loreal have brought out a Clay Detox mask which looks really similar and is a fraction of the price. I’ll definitely look into that one because if it’s as good, I’ll grin and bear the tub it comes in because who doesn’t love a bargain.


Thank you for reading! Those are my favourite two masks for giving my skin a good ol’ detox, what are yours?

L x

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Summer Nails

When it comes to painting my nails, I’m super lazy, especially in the Winter. There’s literally no point in pretending that I’m that girl who always has her nails painted and quite frankly, has their shit together. That’s not me. However, whenever I do have a spare bit of money, I like to get Shellac nails because they last for ages meaning that they’re not an effort to upkeep. The best place I’ve found is Ragdoll Nails up in Leeds and this is where I’ll go when I’m at Uni. Laura is so lovely and such a perfectionist, so my nails always look lovely and neat. However, now I’m home for summer, no-one else really compares and so it’s back to little old me painting my nails again. That being said, I’m a lot better with my nails in Summer and this is because I love wearing brighter and more pastel colours. I also love the amount of colourful shades that Essie BarryM do, and this is why all my favourite nail polishes are from these two brands. In terms of cost, they’re both affordable with BarryM coming in at £3.99 and Essie on the slightly more pricey side at £7.99, but still cheaper than O.P.I (£12.50).

I would say that my favourite is BarryM and in particular the ‘Gelly Hi-Shine’ range because they’re all highly pigmented and really easy to apply. I use 2 coats with any polish but I think you could get away with just the one depending on which finish you prefer. They give such a smooth and glossy look to the nails and also have a gel-like finish and so they last longer than you’re average. I have the shades Rose Hip (a pastel pink), Prickly Pear (A lilac) and Coconut (a creamy white). I also love Eat my Dust (white based pastel blue) which is part of the ‘Speedy Quick Dry’ range. This range has a wider, and more flat brush than all the other polishes making it really easy to coat the whole nail and actually, they really remind me of the Essie brushes. I only use a top-coat with Eat my Dust as I don’t feel that the others particularly need one.


L to R: Rose Hip, Prickly Pear, Eat my Dust, Coconut

The Essie shades I love are Bikini So Teeny (more of a blue but does have some lilac in there), Tart Deco (a pastel, pinky orange) and Sunday Sunday (a coral pink with hints of gold shimmer). Firstly, how cute are all of those names. I love it when brands really nail (pardon the pun) the shade names and Essie are pro at that. As I said, the brushes on these are quite wide and flat so it’s super easy to just swipe the colour on. The formula of Essie polishes are more variable in my opinion, for example, I love Tart Deco but on me, it chips a bit more easily than the other two and I’m not sure why. It’s still a lovely colour though and looks so pretty and summery and so I’ll forgive and forget.

DSC03344 2

L to R: Tart Deco, Sunday Funday, Bikini so Teeny

Those are my favourite colours to sport in the summertime, I hope you enjoyed reading and I’d love to hear any of your recommendations!

L x


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Work-out Wishlist: Forever 21

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of post on Sunday! I haven’t been feeling too well and so was cooped up in my room trying to recover, a.k.a feeling sorry for myself. However, I’m all good now and so I thought a good thing to post was the rather hefty wishlist I created whilst I was ill. I found myself searching for activewear and this is probably due to the hours of lying in the darkness watching repeats of escape to the country, which evidently made me miss actually leaving the house and going to the gym.

I have a few pieces of gym-wear which I mix and match but it does get a bit boring wearing the same things all the time. I know it’s only the gym and you’re effectively just sweating in the clothes *lovely* but I like to change it up a bit and when I find pieces I feel good in, it makes me so much happier and gives me a boost of confidence. I follow a few girls on Instagram that post all their snazzy gym outfits but when following the links to the items, soon realised that I could not afford to fork out £85 (yes 85 english pounds) on a single pair of leggings. Ain’t got time for that. After searching for a while and being disappointed with LuLuLemon/Sweaty Betty prices, I saw Forever 21 come up on my search and decided to have a gander. AMAZING. They have so many items – leggings, tops, sports bras in a variety of patterns and colours and they’re all super affordable, even more amazing.

These are some of my favourite pieces that I found on the site and they’re all under £20. I hope you enjoy looking through them! I’m definitely going to pick some items up when I get paid and will report back on what they’re like quality wise!

L x


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