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The Leeds Edit: Ragdoll Nails

I first came to Leeds back in 2014 when I started University and I can honestly say it took me no time at all to feel at home. It’s the perfect transition for me; coming from a small town, I’ve never felt overwhelmed, it’s a beautiful and vibrant city. I’m now in my third year and so I’ve had an opportunity to scope out places that I like to shop, eat and treat myself. As a result, I’ve decided to begin a blog series ‘The Leeds edit’ where I can tell you about my favourite places and where I would recommend to anybody that was thinking of visiting.

I’m going to kick off the series with one of the best places I’ve discovered (modest), Ragdoll Nails. It was about this time last year that I was swamped with work and felt like I needed a little pick-me-up and so I booked in with Laura to get a Shellac manicure. I’d never really had my nails done before and as mentioned in my Summer Nails post (where I also rave about Ragdoll…surprise surprise), I hate painting my nails myself and I can never file them equally. This is when my obsession for Shellac started. The polish lasts for so much longer than a standard one and they’re so low maintenance, which is ideal for me. Since coming here, I’ve left other salons and felt quite disappointed with the results, because I feel like the time and precision that Laura gives, just isn’t met. I believe that you get what you pay for; not only do the polishes last for ages, but there’s such a high level of perfection that’s given with every manicure I’ve had.

Laura runs an amazing Instagram page for Ragdoll packed with inspiration of different designs that are really on-trend and unique. I’ve never been to another salon and had such a wide choice of colours, designs and finishes. What I’d never seen before coming to Ragdoll was metallic foil, which is pressed onto the nail for a sort of gold-leaf effect, it’s beautiful, I’d definitely recommend visiting the website and viewing the gallery and treatment menu to get an idea of the colour/design possibilities. You also get a little ‘rewards’ card, so after receiving 7 treatments, you get 20% off your next! I’ve just filled mine so I’m looking forward to using my discount in the near future!

I would 100% recommend Ragdoll Nails for an amazing manicure and if I could insert the *hands up emoji* after everything I’ve written I would, and obviously the sassy painted nails emoji also.

You can find out more about Ragdoll Nails on their:

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Treat yourself!

L x

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Third year of University

When people ask me what year I’m in at Uni, it’s still weird when I answer ‘third’. I mean, I don’t feel like a third year, I still don’t have a clue what I want to do after I finish my course and I still consult google for how to cook most things, but I guess that’s okay. I think the pressure of the word ‘dissertation’ can sometimes get into my head, but it’s just a matter of telling myself not to worry and that everyone works at different paces.

Comparison is something that all of us do and I’m terrible for it, but it’s okay not to know what you’re doing next and it’s normal to get stressed. What I do know is that I’ve met some amazing people and for my third year I should embrace that and not let the workload drown that out.

There will be tears along the way but at the end I’ll have a dissertation that I wrote (even though I’ll probably never want to set eyes on it again and it’s only appearance will be when my mum drags it out to show family when they come round).

But nevertheless, here’s to third year.


Autumn 2016 Wishlist

As soon as Autumn begins to come around again, I’m straight on it. Hot chocolate, fluffy socks, big coats and it wouldn’t be right if the odd turtleneck wasn’t thrown into the mix. I feel as if Autumn really brings out my inner grandma vibe and I bloody love it.

I don’t know what it is about the Autumn fashion, but I always seem to have a hefty wishlist and all in all, I just way prefer looking for items that are going to 1. look good 2. make me feel like I’m still in bed whilst still looking sane (not my popping to sainsbury’s in my pj’s to buy 10 kinder buenos look).

Something I’m still loving is pastels. Anything blush pink catches my eye, which is odd for me as I’ve never really owned much pink clothing before. I think including the odd pastel piece changes it up from the ‘stereotypical’ colours that you often associate with the colder months such as burnt oranges, burgundy and moss green. However, I don’t anticipate not wearing these colour-ways either, it’s Autumn after all, dress like a dying leaf.

All I know is for now, sod the denim shorts, I’m temporarily morphing into a cosy marshmallow.

L x